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2023 15. February 2023

Quantitative assessment of machine-learning segmentation of battery electrode materials for active material quantification

Journal of Power Sources, Vol 557, 232503, Open access

J.J. Bailey, A. Wade, A.M. Boyce, Y.Sh. Zang, D.J.L. Brett, P.R. Shearing
2023 06. January 2023

Benchmark exercise on image-based permeability determination of engineering textiles: microscale predictions

Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, Online January 6, 107397

E. Syerko, T. Schmidt, D. May, C. Binetruy, S.G. Advani, S. Lomov, L. Silva, S. Abaimov, N. Aissa, I. Akhatov, M. Ali, N. Asiaban, G. Broggi, J. Bruchon, B. Caglar, H. Digonnet, J. Dittman, S. Drapier, A. Endruweit, A. Guilloux, R. Kandinskii, et al.
2022 30. December 2022

3D analysis of ceramic powder sintering by synchrotron X-ray nano-tomography

Journal of the European Ceramic Society, In Press, Online December 30

A.M. Venkatesh, D. Bouvard, P. Lhuissier, J. Villanova
2022 29. December 2022

Impact of virus filter pore size / morphology on virus retention behavior

Journal of Membrane Science, In Press, Online December 29, 121335

K.P. Russell, A.L. Zydney, E.D. Gomez
2022 27. December 2022

Comparison of methods for measuring and investigating water permeability of woven filter media

Chemical Engineering Research and Design, In Press, Online December 27, Open access

M. Ängeslevä, R. Salmimies, G. Rideal, J. Hilden, Ch. Wagner, A. Wiegmann, A. Häkkinen
2022 20. December 2022

Digital twin of a hierarchical CO2 electrolizer gas diffusion electrode

Advanced Functional Materials, 2212462, Open access

D. McLaughlin, M. Bierling, B. Mayerhöfer, G. Schmid, S. Thiele
2022 08. December 2022

Visualizing pseudo-ductility in carbon/glass fiber hybrid composites manufactured using infusible thermoplastic Elium® resin

Polymer Composites, Online December 8, Open access, 1-18

T. Khan, M.A. Ali, M.S. Irfan, W.J. Cantwell, R. Umer
2022 08. December 2022

Visualization and investigation of healing mechanism in carbon fiber reinforced Elium® composites

Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials, Online December 8

T. Khan, M.A. Ali, M.S. Irfan, W.J. Cantwell, R. Umer
2022 05. December 2022

Heterogeneities affect solid-state battery cathode dynamics

Energy Storage Materials, Vol 55, 312-321

K.G. Naik, B.S. Vishnugopi, P.P. Mukherjee
2022 05. December 2022

Characterization of needle-punched nonwoven fabric air filter using computer vision – a review

The Journal of the Textile Institute, online December 5, 1-8

Y. Sawant, L, Admuthe
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