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2023 01. July 2023

Prediction of anisotropic foam stiffness properties by a Neural Network

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Vol 249, 108245

P. Gahlen, R. Mainka, M. Stommel
2023 15. June 2023

A dual-geometry pore-size-resolved model to predict deep-bed loading in a wall-flow filter

Separation and Purification Technology, Vol 315, 123658

W. Chen, Q. Ou, X. Liu, M. Maricq, Z. Pan, D. Kittelson, D.Y.H. Pui
2023 18. April 2023

High particulates filtration efficiency with on-wall coated Gasoline Particulate Filter catalyst

Topics in Catalysis, Online April 18

T. Ueda, H. Kurihara, S. Akita, Y. Nagai, R. Myochi, K. Horii, N. Munakata, T. Wakayabashi
2023 17. April 2023

Data-science-base reconstruction of 3-D membrane pore structure using a single 2-D micrograph

Journal of Membrane Science, Online April 17, In Press

H. Chamani, A. Rabbani, K.P. Russell, A.L. Zydney, E.D. Gomez, J. Hattrick-Simpers, J.R. Werber
2023 12. April 2023

Computer modeling of Young's modulus and thermal conductivity changes during sintering without shrinkage

Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Online April 12, In Press

P. Šimonová, T. Uhlírová, W. Pabst
2023 04. April 2023

Transparent nylon 6 nanofibers-reinforced epoxy matrix composites with superior mechanical and thermal properties

Polymer Testing, Vol 122, 108002, Open access

V. Gavande, S. Nagappan, B. Seo, Y-S. Cho, W-K. Lee
2023 28. March 2023

Modeling and simulation of coalescence in the context of oil mist filtration

Transport in Porous Media, Online March 28, Open access

D. Hoch, A. Weber, J. Niessner
2023 24. March 2023

Data-based prediction of the viscoelastic behavior of short fiber reinforced composites

Proceedings in Applied Mathematics & Mechanics, Vol 22, e202200085

J. Marr, L. Zartmann, D. Reinel-Bitzer, H. Andrä, R. Müller
2023 24. March 2023

Machine learning for optimal electrode wettability in lithium ion batteries

Journal of Power Sources Advances, Vol 20, 100114, Open access

A. El Malki, M. Asch, O. Arcelus, A. Shodiev, J. Yu, A.A. Franco
2023 22. March 2023

Python app for stochastic microstructure modeling of SOC electrodesbased on a pluri-Gaussian method


P. Marmet, L. Holzer, T. Hocker, V. Muser, G. K. Boiger, M. Fingerle, S. Reeb, D. Michel, J. M. Brader
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