GeoDict User Meeting 2021 (online), Kaiserslautern / Germany (October 4-8, 2021)

As established in previous years, GeoDict 2022 is released on time for the GeoDict User Meeting.

GeoDict 2022 is full of improvements and new features that improve the analysis and engineering of materials. This makes GeoDict the best solution in the market for digital material analysis and design.

In this talk, I shortly present a selection of the technology highlights in GeoDict 2022, such as:

  • Computation of 3-point flexural test in ElastoDict
  • Tracking of objects and contacts during large deformations
  • Strongly improved
    • computation speed for nonlinear mechanics simulations
    • computation speed for Navier-Stokes flow simulations e.g., for complete filters
    • computation speed for battery simulations and porous binder in Battery-LIR
    • 2-phase flow with e.g., constant flow rate and forced imbibition
  • Direct half-cell battery simulation and complex charging profiles for batteries
  • More accurate computation of the geodesic tortuosity
  • Modeling of realistic foams with (tri-)angular struts and specified solid volume percentage
  • Generation of grains and fibers with more than one material ID
  • Generation of strut bases lattices and triply periodic minimal surfaces for additive manufacturing
  • Free adjustment of the units and the style of all result plots
  • Improved mouse modes GUI and better distance and angle measure in the 2D view
  • New interpolation options for the visualization of volume fields
  • Export to Excel via Python also on computers without Excel e.g., on Linux
  • Capability to create a 3D image from loaded surface meshes
  • GeoDict AI: Training of your own neuronal network for 3D image analysis
  • Cloud computation: flexible & unlimited computation power for GeoDict