GeoDict User Meeting 2021 (online), Kaiserslautern / Germany (October 4-8, 2021)

The digital transformation of materials science and the transition to renewable energies is progressing and the state-of-the-art simulation software GeoDict 2022 is capable of processing large representative volumes of complex structures on the microscale, pushing digital material design. The development of next-generation materials for batteries and for fuel cells focuses on optimization on the microscale.

This talk highlights five main topics for battery and fuel cell applications:

  • Creation of realistic Statistical Digital Twins for batteries & fuel cells
  • Simulation of transport phenomena in batteries & fuel cells
  • Quantitative battery charging simulations on large battery microstructures
  • Simulation of battery ageing on the microscale
  • Easy and fast learning of digital battery development GeoDict 2022 covers these five topics while providing impressive result visualization capabilities and represents an all-in-one toolbox for R&D of next generation battery and fuel cell materials.

In the next years, Math2Market GmbH will continue the extensive developments in GeoDict and the fruitful collaboration with our partners to remain at the forefront of digital material design.