GeoDict Licenses

GeoDict Licenses

A flexible licensing scheme is offered to provide the most beneficial price-performance ratio for our customers due to the versatily of GeoDict is applications.

GeoDict is the all-in-one solution for research and development of materials, and especially of their microstructure. The modular structure of GeoDict makes possible to adapt the software package to the customer requirements at any time and to find a customized solution for every application. All modules are completely integrated into GeoDict and, thus, guarantee a smooth simulation workflow.

The simulation requirements for the application of the customer are analyzed in a pay-for validation project that provides solution-oriented information on the best GeoDict configuration for you.
Contact us about your particular material development or analysis needs!

Purchase of a GeoDict license

When purchasing a GeoDict license, a license package is built according to the requirements of the application. The license price depends on the selected license model, the modules included in the package, and the required computing speed.

We help in selecting a license package fitting your application and your working situation by choosing the most useful customizable combination of GeoDict modules. An overview of the available modules can be found here. Individual modules can be varied in a package at any time.

The following steps are helpful to select the options for your GeoDict-license:
Step 1: Purchase or lease?
Step 2: Usage mode
Step 3: Adaptation of the computing speed
Step 4: GeoDict Validation

Step 1: Purchase or lease

The purchase of a GeoDict license includes the software license and a 1-year maintenance contract, which comprises one free update and expert technical Math2Market support. The GeoDict license purchase provides a time-unlimited use of the software, but the maintenance contract must be extended after the initially included 1-year.

During a lease, Math2Market remains the owner of the GeoDict license and provides a software license and maintenance for the agreed lease period according to the leasing contract. The customer pays the leasing fee and is granted the right to use of the software, plus updates and support, for the agreed lease period.

Maintenance contract: Updates and support
Continuing to have a valid maintenance contract is important to receive free of charge:

  • Updates of the software to the newest release and service packs. These updates fix bugs, add functionality, and integrate newly developed features.
  • Active expert technical support (within 48 hours on weekdays) at the forefront of scientific research in simulation. Our outstanding support is most certainly not limited to advice on using GeoDict.
  • Unlimited access to all documentation materials: the latest tutorials, handbooks, video-tutorials, and extra Python scripts to extend functionality.
  • Participation in the annual GeoDict User Meeting and the GeoDict Workshops
  Purchase Lease
Planned GeoDict use? Long term (>3 years) Short time

- Test the use of GeoDict for an application
- Use GeoDict in a single material development project
Term? unlimited limited to the agreed lease period (usually 1 year)
Maintenance contract?(updates & support) Purchase includes 1 year of update and support; thereafter, optionally extended for a fee (20% of the list price) Update and support for the term of the agreed lease period
Exchange or add modules? Module exchange not possible, Module addition at the end of the maintenance contract period Module exchange or addition possible with a new lease period or, during the lease period, as a short-term maintenance contract

Our recommendation: Combine purchase and lease - Add modules to the purchased license as a lease, if a maintenance contract is currently in effect.

Step 2: Usage mode

Floating License
Not bound to the computer: Floating license

A floating license is not computer-bound and therefore offers highest flexibility in using GeoDict. A single license allows to use the software on any number of computers in a local network (controlled by a license server), although not simultaneously.
The number of licenses needed depends on the number of users who want to use GeoDict simultaneously.
A floating license is an efficient way to share the licenses in a local network if several GeoDict users in a company or institute do not need the software full-time.

To use a floating license: the OLicense Server for Windows or Linux needs to be installed:
OLicense download for Windows
OLicense download for Linux

Node-locked License
Bound to the computer: Node-locked license

A computer-bound GeoDict license is recommended when the simulation needs and usage time are clearly defined. During the installation of GeoDict on a single computer, a license request file (.glr) for a node-locked license for this particular computer is created. The node-locked license will allow any user to run GeoDict only on this computer. However, only one user at a time.

Validation licenses of the GeoDict software are issued as node-locked licenses and only if absolutely necessary as floating licenses.
  Floating license Node-locked license
Suitable for? Multiple users (in different teams) in the organization Few users in one location in the organization
Number of computers? Free distribution of license(s) to all computers in the network. (To use a floating license, the Olicense Server needs to be installed) 1x computer per license
Platform? Windows and Linux Windows and Linux
Available as validation license? on request yes
HPC* / Cloud? yes no

*GeoDict also enables computing on high-performance computing (HPC) clusters and in the Cloud.
Read more: GeoDict Cloud - High Performance Computing in Material Development.

Contact us for more information if you are interested!

Step 3: Customization of the computing speed

Although sequential calculations with our solvers are remarkably fast, simulations can also be executed on several parallel processes, thus significantly reducing runtimes.

Via the Message Passing Interface (MPI), the user can also compute on several CPU processors simultaneously. The use of multiprocessor systems with a large amount of main memory enables highly efficient modeling and simulation of exceptionally large structures.

Find more information on MPI for Windows and MPI for Linux in the GeoDict User Guide

Reduction of the runtimes of computations

Bild einer Struktur
Flow simulation through a digitalized sandstone

The runtime for this simulation of flow properties amounts to about 30 hours with 4 processes.
By using 16 processes, the runtime can be reduced by approximately 75% to under 8 hours.
A further reduction in runtime can be achieved with additional processes.

Our recommendation:

  • The best performance is achieved by the high performance version of GeoDict for 64-bit Linux parallel computers.
  • We recommend to always use at least 4 processes.

Step 4: GeoDict Validation

First test - then order

  • Trial of GeoDict with an evaluation license. Including outstanding technical support and access to our extensive training offers.
  • Validation of GeoDict's suitability for your project and first project results with a paid-for validation project: Start efficiently with a validation project!
    Want to see convincing results and customer-fitted simulation requirements before (or instead of) ordering?
    Choose a pay-for-validation project run by Math2Market for your specific application. The validation project brings solution-oriented information on a GeoDict configuration that works for you.

For further information and to contact us, go to Starting a trial to evaluate GeoDict