About GeoDict

GeoDict® - The Digital Material Laboratory

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The innovative and easy-to-use material simulator GeoDict® is the most complete solution for multi-scale 3D image processing, modeling of materials, visualization, material property characterization, simulation-based material development, and optimization of processes.

Whether for newly-designed or existing materials, computer-based simulations provide qualitative and quantitative understanding of geometric and physical properties of materials. Some of the properties assessed by simulation are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to measure in the laboratory. Frequently, the laboratory test destroys the sample and makes it unavailable for the analysis of other properties. Thus, the use of simulations complements and completes laboratory measurements, contributing not only detailed information but also new insights.

GeoDict®: The Digital Material Laboratory

Nonwovens, foams, ceramics, and other porous materials are increasingly used as technical materials with unique properties (e.g. lightweight, insulating materials, electrodes). Composite materials often combine several, sometimes contradictory material characteristics (light and stable), so that determining an „optimal material“ is a complex task. Extensive experimental testing and prototype development are the prevailing way to develop materials with specific requirements of strength, permeability, conductivity, etc.

In other sectors such as Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, the materials are not designed and produced, but instead are readily occurring in nature. Highly critical decision-making for profitability in these sectors is shaped by being able to timely, accurately, and reliably evaluate the petrophysical parameters of reservoir rocks at the pore scale, that ultimately characterize the reservoir at a larger scale.

Benefits of using the GeoDict® software:

  • Fast simulation of experiments to determine material properties.
  • Repeated, non-destructive prediction of material properties.
  • Reduction, or even elimination, of need for expensive and time-consuming laboratory tests.
  • Simulation-driven design of innovative materials to fit requirements for many industrial sectors.

With its headquarters in Germany, Math2Market® GmbH supplies clients worldwide through its distributors in North America, Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Math2Market® GmbH is proud to offer timely and in-depth support to our clients, our distributors, and their clients. Intensive exchange of information, trainings and workshops for our clients and distributors ensure the transfer of know-how and the same high standard of service for GeoDict® users worldwide.

  • We license GeoDict® and provide extensive support, training, and short courses to use it profitably.
  • We implement new algorithms for the specific needs of your project.
  • We answer your specific material development questions in application projects.
  • We look forward to discover new scientific applications for GeoDict® in cutting-edge research projects with you.