About GeoDict
The GeoDict® Software
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GeoDict® is the innovative, integrated, and easy-to-use material simulator made and sold by Math2Market® GmbH of Kaiserslautern, Germany.
GeoDict is the complete software solution for multi-scale 3D image processing, visualization, simulation-driven property characterization, material development, and process optimization.

Benefits of using the GeoDict® software:

  • Fast simulation of experiments to determine material properties.
  • Repeated, non-destructive prediction of material properties.
  • Reduction, or even elimination, of need for expensive and time-consuming laboratory tests.
  • Simulation-driven design of innovative materials to fit requirements for many industrial sectors.

GeoDict: The Digital Material Laboratory

The GeoDict® workflow

  • Import and segment 3D CT-scans, ÁCT-scans, or FIB/SEM-scans of materials.
  • Convert 3D scans into 3D material models.
  • Compute 3D geometrical and physical material properties by simulation.
  • Output and export data for input to CAE tools and other CFD software.
  • Design novel materials on the computer to fit specifications.
  • Test properties of the new materials through simulations and fine-tune the design without prototyping.
  • Visualize 3D material models and property simulation results.
  • Analyze and plot property simulation results.
  • Script command sequences to automate time-consuming parameter studies.

Math2Market® offers industry-specific GeoDict® software solutions for:

Oil and Gas




GeoDict is ready to help you understand your materials, as already for over 130 industrial and academic clients in:

Europe Australia Japan USA and Canada Saudi Arabia
China South-Korea Taiwan India Brazil