ExportGeo Module

The ExportGeo-CAD interface

ExportGeo-CAD exports structures from GeoDict formats to generic surface representation formats or generic CAD formats, enabling the integration of GeoDict-modelled structures into pre-established workflows.

Profit from materials modelled with GeoDict outside the GeoDict software package.

Preview of the surface triangulation of piled spheres

ExportGeo-CAD features

ExportGeo supports a variety of surface description formats:

  • Stereolithography (*.stl).
  • VRML (*.wrl).
  • Wavefront OBJ (*.obj) New in 2017.

Export to the following CAD formats is possible using ExportGeo-CAD in combination with CADlook (only available on Windows):

  • Parasolid (*.x_t).
  • Step (*.stp).
  • Iges (*.igs).
  • Acis (*.sat).

For more information about CADLook and for downloading a Free Trial on Request visit their Website.
CADLook can be purchased through Math2Market GmbH, together with GeoDict.

Mesh of a forming fabric, designed with WeaveGeo and triangulated with ExportGeo-CAD

Examples of ExportGeo-CAD applications

  • 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing
  • Visualization using an external render software.
  • Integration into a simulation workflow.

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