ExportGeo-Abaqus Module

The ExportGeo-Abaqus interface

The ExportGeo-Abaqus module is the interface between GeoDict and Abaqus. The module allows exporting structure models generated in GeoDict in conjunction with the computational settings needed for the FEM solver software Abaqus.

ExportGeo-Abaqus features

The ExportGeo-Abaqus module converts voxelized data to two formats needed for elasticity computations with Abaqus. The Abaqus input files (*.inp) are saved as ASCII files and are so easily opened and edited with a text editor if changes are required.
From voxel structures, ExportGeo-Abaqus also generates an unstructured volume mesh (*.msh file), as needed for Abaqus.

These steps are required:

  • Import 3D-image data (µCT, FIG-SEM..) or create a 3D-material model fitting user’s specifications with one of the GeoDict modules for Digital Material Design.
  • Define the solver settings needed in Abaqus, and save to *.inp files with ExportGeo-Abaqus.
  • Execute *.inp files in Abaqus.

GeoDict interfaces: Schematic representation of the functions

Examples of ExportGeo-Abaqus applications

Possible applications for the ExportGeo-Abaqus module are:

  • Comparison of results from GeoDict with those from Abaqus.
  • Run simulations currently unavailable in GeoDict. With ExportGeo-Abaqus, a structure model generated in GeoDict can be exported as *.msh file and a pre-defined Abaqus input file (*.inp) is written.

Additional GeoDict modules needed?

The ExportGeo-Abaqus module needs just one of the GeoDict modules for Digital Material Design.