Material Model Generation Modules

Material design modules

Module Description
FiberGeo Models digital non-woven materials and short fiber reinforced composites.
GrainGeo Models digital sintered ceramic materials and virtual packings of spheres combined with other objects (ellipsoids, boxes, ...).
PaperGeo Models digital paper structures.
WeaveGeo Models woven media.
PleatGeo Models single pleats of filters.
GridGeo Models digital regular-grid materials.
FoamGeo simulates closed-cell and open-cell foams and models digital sponges.
LayerGeo creates layered media from imported 3D material images (CT-, ÁCT-, or FIB/SEM-scans) or models diagital media (wovens, nonwovens, grids, foils, foams, ceramics, composites...).
GadGeo constructs material models and general three-dimensional objects.