GadGeo Module

The GadGeo module

GadGeo allows the construction of any geometry built from analytic objects e.g. spheres, ellipsoids, fibers, etc.

GadGeo features

Single geometry-objects can be added, placed, re-colored and deleted. The objects can also be placed in existing structures or CT-images.

The constructed models are available as 3-dimensional images and as analytical data (.gad, GeoDict analytic data), which can be used to export surface triangulations (*stl-files) for CAD-programs.

Additional modules needed?

  • The GadGeo module is part of the GeoDict Base package providing basic functionality.

  • Material properties can be calculated directly on the geometry models using other GeoDict modules (e.g. PoroDict, ConductoDict, FlowDict, ElastoDict, DiffuDict, or FilterDict), as for example:
    • pore-size distribution.
    • flow resistivity (permeability, pressure drop).
    • effective thermal and electrical conductivity.
    • effective elasticity.
    • effective diffusion.
    • filter efficiency.
    • filter capacity.
    • and many more.

Model of a throttle geometry created with the GadGeo module