User Meeting

Reflecting on the GeoDict User Meeting 2017

Thanks to all presenters, trainers, and participants of this year's GeoDict User Meeting, which took place on September 26 and 27, 2017.

Numerous participants from academic research institutions and industry, as well as GeoDict distributors and Math2Market commercial partners, joined us in the Gartenschau in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and made of this meeting a great event.

Participants of the GeoDict User Meeting 2017 can review the meeting's presentations.

The downloads in this area are secured with the username and password that were given at the closing of the meeting, but you can receive them by contacting us at:


2017 Book of abstracts
Presentations of the GeoDict 2017 User Meeting (zip-file)
Impressions in pictures from the GeoDict 2017 User Meeting (zip-file)

GeoDict User Meeting 2017 - Impressions

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Overview of the GeoDict 2018 release and its advanced new features
New surface meshing features fitting the requirements for additive manufacturing, visualization, and simulation
Savings of 90% of disk space for flow and filtration simulation results and 75% reduction in hard-disk access time for mechanics simulations
Innovative analysis options of filtration simulation results
New contact detection capabilities to better observe large deformation simulations
New capability of creating custom GeoApps using the enhanced python scripting interface
New capability to perform size and shape analysis for fibers, pores, and grains directly on CT-scans
Novel possibility to produce automatic reports of GeoDict results in PowerPoint
New video features to create stunning videos in GeoDict 2018