DamageDict - Digital prediction of damage in components made of fiber-reinforced plastics

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With DamageDict, Math2Market GmbH and the Institute of Composite Materials (IVW) in Kaiserslautern, Germany pursue the goal to model damage in fiber-reinforced plastic components on a microstructure level through simulation.

DamageDict - Predicting damage to components with fiber-reinforced plastics through simulation.

For this purpose, the project partners define material laws for modelling damage and failure behavior at fiber level. Based on reverse engineering, this methodology enables users in Research & Development to determine, for example, the properties of a matrix polymer from a tensile test carried out on the composite material through simulation as well as in the laboratory.

Along the DamageDict project, discover with Math2Market the possibilities of designing components made of fiber-reinforced plastics through simulation with GeoDict.

Project Details

Start : January 2020

End : December 2021

Partners :

Latest Developments:

  • 01 Januar, 2020
    The DamageDict project starts

    The DamageDict project has officially started today. We are looking forward to the cooperation with the Institute for Composite Materials (IVW).